Commercial Roller Shutters

Industrial & Commercial Roller Shutters, Anti Ram Barriers, Garage Doors, Security Grills, Security Doors

Commercial Roller Shutters

Medium duty roller shutters typically fitted with either electric motors or manual reduction gear hand chain systems. Usually operated via a single phase tubular motor and switching systems or by internally operated haul chain manual systems. This kind of shutter can be galvanised or coloured and if required fitted with a see through section to allow vision into shop windows at night. Typically fitted to shop fronts or commercial applications where very large vehicle access or continuous operation is not required.

Industrial Roller Shutters

Heavy duty electrically operated roller shutters in either heavy gauge galvanised or coloured finishes. Operated via heavy duty 3 phase motors. Shutters can be fitted with additional wind protection for exposed locations or with a variety of control systems including remote control and auto open/close if required. This kind of shutter is typically fitted to large industrial building or large farm buildings where a heavy duty door fitted with a high rated drive system for continuous operation are required.

Face Fix

Galvinised guides are formed from rolled steel and are met with fixing angle depending on the job. They can also be powered painted to suit customer requirements Industrial Shutters

Types: Etype / Between Fix / Face Fix

Windlock track is another option to prevent a roller shutter from blowing in high winds specially formed for this particular problem and can save money on unnecessary call outs.

End Plates

All standard end plates are galvinised steel unless customers agree on colour. Depending on width and height of the roller shutter door the thickness of end plate varies.


Depending on the weight of the Roller Shutter Door the thickness of the barrel varied from 2 / 4/ 6 mm tubling. All Barrels come prime painted and are quality checked before leaving the workshop. commercial roller shutters


All Curtains can come in any colour requested by customers and are help together by interlocking end locks. Thickness varies 18swg / 20 swg / 22 swg depending on customer requirements. Perforated see though curtains is also another option to view window displays or even to let ventillation pass through.

Electrical Operation

  • Control options 24v low level open close stop button
  • Induction loop switch
  • 415v 3 phase Safe Drive Motor Unit with adjustable limit switches
  • 415v 3 phase/240v single phase Motor Unit
  • 240v single phase Tube Motor Unit with adjustable limit switches

Garage/Roller Shutter Door Maintenance

All our products are manufactured to a very high specification. Although planned maintenance can ensure trouble free operation Dublin Roller Shutters also caters for maintenance contracts. Legally a Roller Shutter should be serviced at least every 6 months which can be vital for insurance.